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Take your business to the next level with our International Services. From export service of documents, packages and more, across the globe to Import Express and Third Country Services, our range of International Services cater to your every need and is the best way to send or receive parcels to any destination in the world.

We cater to the demands of growing businesses which often require documents and packages to be delivered within the shortest possible time windows. ExpressCo’s International Services is the most effective logistical solutions with the promise of 3-day delivery to any place on the globe. We guarantee the fastest turnaround on our all international shipping services, with every parcel being checked thoroughly, to ensure accurate, swift and secure delivery. Our operations span every corner of the world with real-time tracking of your shipments, every step of the way, with our in-house tracking software. Whatever your requirement, be it an urgent delivery or an expensive parcel, ExpressCo courier specialists will be on the job to ensure that your consignment reaches its intended destination on time and at the best rates in the industry.

1. Export Express

Choose ExpressCo Export Express for versatile and reliable delivery options. With guaranteed on-time deliveries for time-critical international shipments that need immediate pick-up and door delivery, our Export Express can be customized to suit your requirement. We ship anything from documents to parcels of 500 grams with no upper limit on the weight of goods. We employ the fastest modes of transportation to any global destination within the shortest time possible. Full flexibility to cater to your emergency shipment needs, ExpressCo specialists will be available throughout the shipment handling process from pick-up to delivery. Our global reach and teams deployed across the globe, ensure fast delivery with end-to-end tracking and customs clearance.

2. Import Express

A global solution for importing anything from time-sensitive documents to spare parts and parcels small or big, we assure door-to-door pick-up and delivery from around the world to serve your business needs. ExpressCo’s Import Express ships the imports that are requested by you from your global supplier’s right to your door. Simply give us the details of your shipment and we will take care of the rest. With more than Lakh happy customers across the world, you can be assured of speedy, secure and on-time delivery. Our in-house software also allows end-to-end tracking of your shipment for the point of pick-up to the time it is delivered at your doorstep.

3. Third Country Service

Today’s businesses require shipments from one country to another, without passing through their country of domicile. ExpressCo’s Third Country Shipment Handling Services enables us to provide our customers with reliable, affordable and timely cross trade solutions. With our highly credible network of associates at various strategic locations across the globe, our solutions save you time, costs by eliminating the needs for storage and additional steps in your supply chain Our Third Country Shipment Handling specialists take complete control of the transportation from origin till delivery. They work round the clock to coordinate, schedule and supervise connecting movements and timely delivery of shipments. Our time-bound, guaranteed Third Country Deliveries can be tracked real-time with our in-house software. Choose ExpressCo’s Third Country Shipment Handling Services and eliminate the need for local brokers or forwarders to get involved in any part of the process.

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